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Glamorgan Anglers Club Rules

Revised 10 February 2024

1. Club permits

a) Membership is from 1 April to 31 March each year.

b) All members must be in possession of a valid Natural Resources Wales (NRW) Rod Licence and club permit before

starting to fish.

c) Club permits must be produced upon request from a Club Bailiff, NRW Bailiff or another club member. Any person

unable to produce these documents will be asked to immediately leave club waters.

d) Senior members are expected to check the permits of other people who are fishing club waters, when possible. If you’re

unable to check someone who you believe is not a member, or who appears to be breaching club rules, please telephone

the Head Bailiff.

e) Members must follow all NRW angling byelaws.

f) No member shall lend or transfer their club permit or access key to another person, on penalty of expulsion from the


g) Anyone suspended or banned from GAC, or any other Angling Club, is not allowed on our waters for any reason.

2. Fishing season

a) Our still waters are open all year round, with the exception of Sant-y-Nyll which is closed between 1 April to 31 May.

b) The Coarse fishing season on rivers is from 16 June to 14 March.

c) The Game fishing season on the River Taff and Wye is from 3 March to 30 September.

d) Fly-fishing for grayling and brown trout is permissible on a club coarse permit during the river closed season, but all fish

must be returned immediately.

e) The Head Bailiff or the committee may close waters at their discretion with an emergency bylaw, if needed.

3. Personal conduct

a) Members must respect the environment and wildlife at all times.

b) Leaving tackle unattended with bait, or hook, in the water is prohibited. You need to be within 3m from your tackle and

your rods no further than 3m apart, with all rods within the same peg or swim.

c) Members must remain within the boundaries of club waters and must not trespass.

d) Members must not interfere with the flow, in or out of any club water, or any device that controls such flow, without the

committee's permission.

e) The sailing of any model or remote controlled craft, including bait boats is prohibited on all club waters.

f) Fishing is permitted from the bank only, however wading is permitted on rivers. Boats are banned on all club waters,

except for authorised work.

g) The use of night or dead-lines is strictly prohibited and anyone caught setting them will be prosecuted.

h) Swimming, camping or caravanning are all prohibited on all club waters.

i) No member shall carry a firearm or airgun on club waters without the committee's permission.

j) Uncooperative, aggressive or abusive behaviour towards other members, the general public or officials will not be

tolerated. Disciplinary measures will be taken. Members should report such behaviour and obtain witnesses, if possible, if

they are threatened in any way.

k) No member is to carry an offensive weapon on club waters.

l) No members are allowed to have dogs, or any other animal, to accompany them whilst fishing club waters.

m) The pruning or cutting of trees or undergrowth is prohibited, unless sanctioned by the committee.

n) The lighting of fires without the permission of the committee is strictly prohibited.

o) Radios and Televisions are prohibited without the use of headphones or an earpiece.

p) If a Club Bailiff asks to inspect your fishing rig, you must reel in and permit inspection.

q) Two or more people fishing on a Husband and Wife Permit (ie Husband/Wife & child under 12) are allowed a maximum

of three rods in total. They should limit themselves to one swim, if the fishery is crowded.

r) Only club members are allowed on club waters and no child under the age of 7 is allowed on any club water, even if

accompanied by an adult.

s) Only one child under 12 years of age can accompany a senior member and preferably the member is the child's parent or

guardian. The senior member must accompany the child at all times. The youngster must fish in the same swim as the

senior member and is limited to the use of one rod only. Do not allow youngsters to wander unsupervised.

t) Juniors aged between 12 to 16 must have a club junior permit and a junior NRW rod licence.

u) Designated disabled access pegs can be used by all members. You must move off the peg if a disabled angler requires it

and there are no other disabled access pegs available. A member may be asked to move by a Club Bailiff.

v) Do not cause any damage to fishing platforms and don’t push bank sticks between the planks.

w) Members are only allowed on the waters 1 hour before sunrise and must be off the water 1 hour after sunset. Sunrise

and Sunset times are published in most daily newspapers and online.

x) Fishing the River Taff between the weirs and the downstream markers is strictly prohibited.

4. When entering and leaving our waters

a) Members must keep disturbance and noise to a minimum at all times, especially near local residents. Please turn your

car radio off when approaching club gates.

b) When parking you must be considerate of others and not restrict other parking spaces, access roads and gates.

c) Members must immediately shut and lock gates behind them when entering or leaving a club water to safeguard

property, crops and livestock.

5. Fishing tackle

a) Lead weights below 25gms are prohibited unless they are an integral part of a swim feeder.

b) Number 8 lead split shot or smaller may be used. All split shot above this size must be lead free.

c) Single hook rigs only are to be used, except two hook pike snap tackle.

d) On still waters, the gape of a single hook (which is the distance between the hook point and shank) must be less than

8mm (5/16"). This is approximately the gape of a size 8 hook.

e) Be very careful when using unsheathed braid as a hook link, this can cut the mouths and flanks of fish. Only use softer

hook link braids. Do not strip sheathed braid unless you’re sure it is of a softer type (If unsure, ask your Tackle Dealer).

f) The use of portable stoves are strictly prohibited at Pysgodlyn Mawr, Sant-y-Nyll, Carol’s pond and Sue’s pond. They can

be used on our other waters by senior members only. Please be extra careful when using stoves in dry conditions.

g) Members may fish with up to two rods, except in Gribbles Covert, where only a single rod or pole is permitted.

h) Pole anglers can only use a single pole, they cannot fish with another rod at the same time.

6. Fish care and safety

a) It is the responsibility of every member to ensure the welfare of any fish caught.

b) Barbless single hooks only to be used on all stillwaters.

c) All fixed lead and fixed feeder rigs are prohibited. If the hook link does not easily detach from the weight or feeder, then

the rig is unacceptable and the Bailiff's decision is final.

d) All members must possess and use a suitable landing net with a minimum of 22” (56 cm) in diameter or along the

shortest arm. When fishing for pike or carp the net must be a minimum of 36" (91 cm), and for barbel it must be a

minimum of 30" (76 cm).

e) All members must possess and use suitable hook disgorgers.

f) When fishing for carp, pike or barbel, members must possess and use suitable forceps for hook removal.

g) Members must possess and use a suitable unhooking mat or cradle of an adequate size to ensure fish safety. The

minimum size of unhooking mat allowed must be 75cm by 35cm and 2cm thick.

h) If you are found fishing without a suitable landing net, hook removal tools or unhooking mat, you will be asked to

immediately leave the water.

i) The use of keep nets or carp sacks are not allowed. Using these will be considered as an attempt to steal fish and the

offender dealt with accordingly.

j) The use of a gaff and pike gags are strictly prohibited.

k) The transfer of any species of fish to, or from, any water (owned by the club or otherwise) is strictly prohibited, unless

authorised by the Committee or Head Bailiff and with NRW approval.

l) No member shall remove any coarse fish, dead or alive, from any club water unless authorised by the Committee or Head


m) You must wet your hands before handling fish and not use towels or cloths to hold fish, either wet or dry.

n) All fish should be returned to the water as soon as possible (with the exception of catfish at Pyscodlyn Mawr).

7. Litter

a) All members are responsible for any litter in their swim, regardless of who left it there. Take a bag with you, inspect your

swim when you arrive and remove any litter, tackle and line. At the end of your session check that you have not left any

litter, this includes cigarette ends. Any member found leaving litter will face expulsion from the club.

b) Any bait supplied in cans or tins, such as sweetcorn, meat or hemp, must be emptied into a bait box. The empty tin or

can must be kept in your tackle bag and taken with you when you leave.

c) All broken off tackle, including line and hooks, must be retrieved whenever possible and disposed of properly.

8. Night Fishing Group (NFG)

a) Night Fishing Group (NFG) members are allowed to fish at night at Bishop's pond (Groes Faen), Pysgodlyn Mawr, Treoes,

Llantrithyd, Sue’s pond and Carol’s pond.

b) When night fishing at Sue’s and Carol’s ponds you must use the Wimbourne Road entrance and park in Sue’s pond car

park. This car park is locked at 7pm.

c) NFG members may use 3 rods between 1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise. They must have a NRW three rod


d) Only NFG members are permitted to accompany another NFG member between 1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before


9. Pike and Perch fishing

a) Pike fishing is only permitted at Sant-y-Nyll top pond, Bishop’s pond (Groes Faen), Treoes pond, Sue’s pond and the River

Wye between 1 October to 30 March. Pike fishing is permitted all year round in Cardiff Bay and Port Talbot Dock.

b) Pike snap tackle must use semi-barbless hooks only. Crushed down barbs are not acceptable.

c) Where lure fishing is permitted, the barbs on lure hooks must be crushed down to minimise fish damage.

d) The use of live fish as bait is strictly prohibited. The only exception is at Port Talbot Dock where small roach live baits

below 4oz may be used. These must be caught from the dock and used on the day of fishing.

e) No lure fishing of any kind is allowed on Treoes Pond, this includes fly fishing, drop shotting, and sink and draw.

f) Wire traces must be used for all predator and lure fishing, this includes drop shotting, where allowed.

g) Predator fly fishing is only permitted in Cardiff Bay and Port Talbot Dock and wire traces must be used.

h) Dead baits must be blast frozen.

10.Game Fishing

a) Members must possess a GAC game permit and an NRW game rod licence to fish for salmon and sea trout.

b) The salmon and sea trout seasons are set and advertised by the NRW and must be adhered to.

c) Foul hooked trout must be returned to the water immediately.

d) All salmon, sea trout and brown trout must be returned to the water unharmed.

e) Spinning on the River Taff is only permitted with a club game permit.

11. Special rules applying to Sant-y-Nyll.

a) No one under 12 is allowed anywhere around the lake, even when accompanied by a senior member. This is due to the

danger of deep water and silt by the walkways.

b) A junior club member between 12 to 16 years is only allowed to fish if accompanied by a senior member and they must

fish the same swim.

c) Do not arrive before 7am and you must leave before 1 hour after sunset.

d) No stoves or fires.

e) No night fishing.

12.Special rules applying to Llantrithyd.

a) Immediately close and lock all gates behind you and beware of livestock on the track.

b) A maximum speed of 5mph on all tracks down to the lake.

c) Park in the designated area only.

d) No bivvies or day shelters allowed on the grass to the left of the path on the car park bank.

13.Special rules applying to Pysgodlyn Mawr.

a) No lure fishing of any kind, this includes fly fishing, drop shotting, and sink and draw.

b) Any catfish landed must be removed and humanely killed.

c) No stoves or fires.

14.Special Rules applying Carol’s Pond and Sue’s Pond, Cadoxton.

a) Only GAC members are allowed to fish the lakes and there are no guests or visitor tickets.

b) Junior club members must be accompanied by a senior club member at all times.

c) Fishing is only allowed from the marked swims.

d) No person should attempt to fish from the reed beds or conservation areas, or disturb wildlife.

e) If two fishing rods are used, you must use a free spool or baitrunner runner reel on each rod. This includes reels on float


f) A maximum of 3kg of ground bait may be used on any one day, and this includes all particles, pellets and maggots.

g) No fish are to be transferred from one lake to the other.

h) The Dow Corning South Gate car park (nearest Carol’s pond) is open from 7am to 7pm. The club will not be held

responsible for vehicles locked in this car park after 7pm. When parking in the South Gate car park, all members must

display their mobile phone number on their dashboard in case Dow Corning security needs to call them.

i) Parking for Sue’s pond is through the gate on Wimborne Road, just before the left hand turn into the Dow Corning works.

j) Alcohol is not permitted on any part of Dow Corning land and this includes our lakes.

k) No fires or stoves.

l) Members must obey any instructions from Dow Corning officials and Site Security.

m) The klaxon is tested at 3pm on Mondays. No action needs to be taken at this time unless the klaxon sounds for longer

than 3 blasts.

n) If the klaxon sounds with a long tone for three 3 seconds on, and then 3 seconds off, for five minutes, there is a major

incident at the Dow Corning works.

If fishing on Carol’s pond which is nearest the Dow Corning works, you must vacate the land as quickly as possible and take

shelter, preferably inside a fixed structure. Do not wait to pack up your fishing tackle. Walk quickly to the security office at

the south entrance gate to take shelter. Report your attendance to the gateman.

If fishing on Sue's pond, you must walk to the car park, open the gate and get in your car and drive to a safe area. Do not

wait to pack up your fishing tackle. If you are stuck in your car or on the lake in a dangerous position, contact Dow Corning

security on 01446 732350.

The ‘all clear’ notification will be a long continuous sound on the klaxon.

15.Usage and Interpretation

a) The club prohibits the commercial exploitation of its waters or facilities by any other organisation, group, individual or


b) Please read Newsletters, club Website and club email communications for any changes or updates to these rules.

c) The Committee's interpretation of these rules is final.


Glamorgan Anglers Club Limited Rules Ref. CJM1042024